Top Trends in Makeup Tools: What’s Hot Right Now

The beauty and cosmetics industry has witnessed many trends in 2023 like “strawberry girl makeup” and “tomato girl aesthetic.” With its ever-evolving nature, the size of the global market for beauty tools was estimated at USD 67.08 billion in 2022 and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.22% from USD 68.94 billion in 2023 to USD 92.08 billion by 2030. This article provides a quick read about medical spa.

This article perfectly explores the emerging trends in makeup tools that enhance people’s looks with natural aesthetics. For some best deals and high-quality products, you can check out the best makeup tool manufacturers available online.

Skincare-Infused Makeup

People are always tempted to use a product that flourishes their looks with skincare and many makeup artists predict that it will continue in 2024 as well. By prioritizing the health of the skin, the newest trend will evolve around the coverage and nourishment of the skin. By embracing dewy complexion looks and acne-safe formulas, people can achieve it effortlessly.

Monochromatic Makeup   

With Strawberry Girl makeup (all pink), Pumpkin Spice makeup (all orange), and Latte Makeup (all brown), classic monochromatic makeup was introduced in 2023 and became a worldwide sensation throughout the year. In this type of makeup, people choose one color and become compatible with it. Many makeup artists predict that these simple and achievable makeup looks will only last a while.

Cherry Cola Lips

This involves outlining the lips with burgundy or dark brown for a 3D effect. It also includes filling the sides, blending it out, and applying red lip gloss all over, resulting in a more saturated variation of the dual-toned lips. This is becoming one of the most aesthetic trends that is slowly transforming the way of applying makeup for all the beauties out there.

Espresso Makeup

Compared to the fresh-eyed latte makeup, espresso makeup is prettier. Essentially, it’s a bronzed and smokey eye makeup look for the evening. It uses deep-brown tones on your eyes with brown lipstick for a monochromatic look. With the combination of smudged Black eyeliner and loads of black mascara, it gives some sort of grunge vibe that makes it one of the trends for modern-day makeup.

Office Siren

It is inspired by the “geek chic” from the late 90s/ early 2000s featuring pencil skirts, Bayonetta glasses, and neckties. Usually, it consists of fine brows, neutral or red lips, and a thin, winged liner applied starting at the inner corner to extend your eyes. With this, it becomes very easy to recreate and play around with using makeup that is familiar to most people.

To Sum Up

The makeup industry is set to witness many more trends as it is evolving and growing at a very fast pace. These above-mentioned trends pave the way for the emergence of other makeup trends that may empower women by providing simple yet aesthetic makeup tools.

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