The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in Old School RuneScape in 2024

No matter what year it is, people will always be looking for ways to make money in OSRS, and thankfully. We’ve discussed AFK money-making, the best Money Makers per skill, and a plethora of methods ranging from free-to-play with zero requirements to the most demanding activities in the game. In today’s article, RSorder will provide you with the ultimate guide on how to make money in Old School RuneScape in 2024, featuring some of the best methods at each stage of your account.

We have five categories of money-making, starting with free-to-play. We’ll cover the early, mid, and late game, then jump into members’ content. I’ll share six of my favorite money-making methods for each stage. Let’s dive right into it!

Free-to-Play Methods:

  1. Pie Shells: Head to the Grand Exchange, buy pots of flour, buckets of water, and pie dishes. Make pie shells and sell them for profit.
  2. Red Spider Eggs: Grab red spider eggs from Varrock sewers and sell them. This method requires a Magic level for teleporting and some energy potions for efficiency.
  3. Gold Amulets: Turn gold bars into gold amulets at the Edgeville furnace. This method has remained effective since RuneScape 2 days.
  4. Steel Plate Bodies: Head to the Wilderness, grab steel plate bodies, and high alch them for profit. Be cautious of PKers.
  5. Ogre Shamans: Hunt Ogre Shamans for good drops, including runes and gems. Moss Giants can also drop Mossy keys, leading to valuable loot.
  6. Wilderness Bosses: Brave the Wilderness for bosses like Callisto, which can yield valuable drops like the Dragon Pickaxe.

Early Game Members’ Methods:

  1. Forester’s Rations: Combine leaves with cooked food to create Forester’s Rations, a valuable item post-forestry patch.
  2. Cleaning Herbs: Clean herbs for profit, leveraging the demand for clean herbs over grimy ones.
  3. Gem Bracelets: Add gems to gold bracelets for increased profit per hour and crafting experience.
  4. Steel Bars: Swap gold bars for steel bars and craft cannonballs for profit.
  5. Kurask: Slay Kurasks for herbs and seeds, offering decent profit for mid-level players.
  6. Hill Giants: Kill Hill Giants for valuable drops like limpwurt roots and big bones, suitable for low to mid-level players.

Mid-Game Members’ Methods:

  1. Astral Runes: Craft Astral Runes outside the Guardians of the Rift for consistent profit.
  2. Enchanted Jewelry: Enchant jewelry for profit, focusing on items below Dragonstone tier.
  3. Red Dragons: Safely kill Red Dragons for valuable drops like dragon bones and hides.
  4. Revenants: Hunt Revenants for valuable drops, including unique items and alchables.
  5. Barrows Brothers: Take on the Barrows Brothers for valuable armor pieces and runes.
  6. Cerberus: Battle Cerberus for valuable drops, including the chance at a Primordial Crystal.

Late Game Members’ Methods:

  1. Wrath Runes: Craft Wrath Runes for insane profit at the Wrath Altar post-Dragon Slayer 2.
  2. Hallowed Sepulchre: Participate in the Hallowed Sepulchre minigame for valuable loot and experience.
  3. Rune Dragons: Farm Rune Dragons for consistent profit, especially with the addition of Dragon Slayer 2.
  4. Corrupted Gauntlet: Take on the Corrupted Gauntlet for valuable drops and crystal shards.
  5. The Nightmare: Battle The Nightmare for valuable unique drops, including the Inquisitor’s armor set.
  6. Tombs of Amascut: Raid the Tombs of Amascut for valuable loot and a chance at rare drops like the Eldritch Orb.

In conclusion, Old School RuneScape offers a plethora of money-making opportunities at every stage of your journey. Whether you’re a free-to-play player or a seasoned member, there’s always a method to suit your skills and preferences. Keep exploring, keep grinding, and keep chasing that GP!

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