The Top 3 Beginner Builds in Elden Ring

We’re diving deep into the top three best beginner builds that will make you feel overpowered and unstoppable right from the start. Whether you’re a fan of melee combat, sorcery, or holy warfare, we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Blood Flame Samurai Build:

  • Description: This build focuses on hard-hitting melee combat with a touch of blood magic. The centerpiece is the Nagak Keba, a powerful katana infused with the Blood Flame incantation, causing massive blood loss on enemies.
  • Early Game Essentials: Start with the Samurai class, obtain the Nagak Keba and Bloody Slash Ash of War from Fort Hate in Lim grave. Dual-wield Uji Katanas for extra damage and grab the Impaling Thrust Ash of War.
  • Key Items: Flame Grant Me Strength incantation, Double Slash Ash of War, and Green Turtle Talisman for stamina recovery.
  • Farming Tips: Farm Elden Ring runes near Lenny’s Rise and defeat the Sleeping Dragon for a huge rune boost.
  • Conclusion: The Blood Flame Samurai Build is perfect for those who crave close-quarters combat and enjoy the thrill of stacking blood loss on their foes.

2. Gravity Sorcerer Build:

  • Description: Harness the power of gravity spells and devastating magic with the Meteorite Staff. This build focuses on ranged attacks and crowd control.
  • Early Game Essentials: Start as an Astrologer, obtain the Meteorite Staff, and learn spells like Rock Sling and Swift Glenstone Shard from scrolls.
  • Key Items: Green Turtle Talisman for faster spell casting, Sage Set for sorcerer aesthetics, and Crimson Amber Medallion for increased HP.
  • Farming Tips: Farm runes near Lenny’s Rise and utilize the Sleepy Dragon farming method for quick leveling.
  • Conclusion: The Gravity Sorcerer Build is for those who prefer a more strategic approach, controlling the battlefield with powerful spells from a distance.

3. Holy Warrior Build:

  • Description: Embrace the divine and wield the power of faith with the Tree Spear and holy incantations. This build offers versatility with melee and ranged attacks.
  • Early Game Essentials: Obtain the Tree Spear, Dragon’s Rot Breath, Lightning Spear, and Flame Sling incantations, and the Axe Talisman.
  • Key Items: Green Turtle Talisman for stamina recovery, and the sacred Tree Spear with its unique Ash of War.
  • Farming Tips: Farm runes near Lenny’s Rise and defeat the Sleeping Dragon for ample resources.
  • Conclusion: The Holy Warrior Build suits those who seek balance between melee prowess and divine magic, smiting foes with righteous fury.

In conclusion, whether you prefer slicing through enemies with a katana, unleashing devastating spells from afar, or charging into battle with holy fervor, there’s a beginner build in Elden Ring to suit your playstyle. Each build provides a unique experience and empowers players to conquer the lands of the Lands Between. So, pick your path, equip your gear, and prepare to dominate the world of Elden Ring! provides a wealth of buy Elden Ring items, such as Runes, items, and others. If necessary, please contact us online. Thanks.

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