Is ATAS Game Safe or Legal in Malaysia

The online gaming Malaysia scene is in its infancy stage. Despite its growth across other countries, online game’s absence in Malaysia is unsurprising. 

One primary reason is that there’s only one land-based gaming in Malaysia.

However, recent years have shown that the online entertainment industry in Malaysia, including online gaming platforms, is growing. With iGaming platforms like ATAS casino, it’s time to consider the questions that truly matter.

One such question is, ‘Is ATAS game safe or legal in Malaysia?’ The answer to this is undoubtedly split into parts – legality and safety – and requires proper context. 

Regulation is a massive part of Malaysia’s governance, but the country has been going into different agreements to help it grow in various sectors.

What does this mean for the legality of iGaming, online slot, lottery, etc. in the country? Also, even with licensing, is Atas game safe? 

You’ll find answers to these and more questions as you read.

Are Online Games Legalized in Malaysia?

Igaming are legal in Malaysia. However, as mentioned earlier, there is only one land-based game in Malaysia, the Genting Highland gaming. 

This means that the legal status only applies to this Genting game. 

For an industry with a long history in the country, the gaming industry doesn’t have as many platform players as it should have. 

For lottery-specific outfits, under the Lotteries Act 1952, there are only six with permits and licenses in the country. 

This sparseness of the industry opens the door to several foreign online games, allowing Malaysian providers to process payments in ringgit.

The responsible gaming atmosphere in Malaysia allows for lotteries, games, horse racing, etc. 

However, with the landscape of things changing over the past few years, it remains to be seen whether the Malaysian government will become more liberal with online gambling platforms like ATAS igaming.

Pending the change in how things are done in Malaysia, ATAS has invested extensively in its processes, platforms, operations, etc. 

This is to ensure that Malaysian players have the smoothest and safest experience on its platform.

So, is ATAS gaming safe? The answer is yes. With a heavy reliance on cutting-edge technology, ATAS has built a digital ecosystem where players can derive the satisfaction they want.

But before going deeper into how e-wallet gaming approaches safety on its platform, let’s explore some of the history that makes it a trusted online igaming in Malaysia.

ATAS Game: Where are they coming from?

Established in 2021, Atas game has become one of Malaysia’s most reliable online gaming. 

Though widely known for its Live igaming, the ATAS game offerings extend to the ATAS igaming, online lottery, etc. With games like lucky365, AE sexy, etc., players have a larger pool of games to choose from.

Beyond the platform’s presence in Malaysia, the international gaming platform has presence and licenses in several other countries. 

Here is a summarized look at ATAS game’s background: 

Founded 2021
Based in Malta
Licensed by PAGCOR
Payout mode Instant
Languages supported English, Malay, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese

The Asia gaming provider has an established brand that has afforded it the luxury of partnering with numerous influencers and stakeholders across the continent.

ATAS’s approach to safety is one of the significant reasons why it’s become a household name in the online game scene in Asia.

Is ATAS Game Safe? Their Concrete Approach to Safety

When a player wants a big win, the ATAS game is the first place they visit. With unlimited possibilities and thrilling gaming experiences, ATAS is the premier destination for iGaming lovers.

But, the success ATAS has been able to enjoy with its customers doesn’t only depend on the selection of games available. ATAS game has been able to build trust within the gaming community. 

Across the board, the platform ensures a high level of expertise and attention to detail like never seen before. 

The combination of the security measures below is why they are ranked as the most trusted and safest online igaming to gamble in Malaysia.


The first factor that ATAS went with was securing licensing with different countries. 

The gaming provider has licenses from Macau, First Cagayan, Cambodia, and Costa Rica regulatory bodies. All these licenses are in addition to the globally-recognized PAGCOR license. 

The fact that ATAS game was able to get licensed by these countries with different laws and permit prerequisites is evidence that they have put in the work and done their assignment of providing a safe gambling platform for all.


ATAS pays a lot of attention to its cybersecurity measures as an online platform. 

The most basic measure employed by the platform is the use of cutting-edge encryption technology to protect players’ activity and data.

Hence, players can have a great time without worrying about private personal information and financial details being exposed to bad actors. 

The platform also partners with iTech Labs to conduct frequent cyber audits, digital compliance checks, and preventive penetration testing to ensure its system has the highest integrity.

Strategic Partnerships with reputable organizations

The iGaming industry is deeply interconnected. However, some fake companies and platforms occasionally execute different scams. ATAS knows this and makes sure to research any partnership deeply.

This is why the platform only partners with software providers renowned for their obsession with quality and cutting-edge innovation. 

These include top providers like MaxBet, Playtech, and 918kiss and innovative studios like AE Sexy and Lion King.

24/7 Customer Support

For any online platform, customer support is crucial, as that is the only point of call users have with the provider in case anything goes wrong. 

This makes it essential that online gaming platforms can answer players whenever they call. Any platform that can’t provide that is not to be trusted. 

ATAS game has established multiple comprehensive communication channels that make it easy for players to speak about complaints and issues that may arise when using the platform.

Safe Transactions

Participating in the ATAS game platform means users can withdraw their earnings instantly without delay. 

To make payments fast and safe, the platform partnered with different financial institutions to provide debit/credit cards, e-wallet, and crypto transaction options. 

Thanks to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, players have no worries about losing their hard-earned money when playing ATAS video slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, etc.

The Safe Games You’ll Find on ATAS Game

ATAS is the place for anyone searching for an exceptional online game experience in Malaysia, either as a regular or with a VIP membership. 

Upon secure login, the platform provides a lot of games you can enjoy with the ATAS promo codes and more.

Live Game

Live game is a significant specialty on the ATAS platform. With an array of card games like live roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and online poker, players are in for a great time. 

With its advanced platform technology, players can enjoy an unparalleled live game experience even in high latency areas.

Specifically, these are some of the most popular live  games on ATAS: AE Sexy, HotRoad, Asia Gaming, and BG Gaming. Check out more here 

Online Slot

There are over 100 games to enjoy at ATAS games, many of which are progressive jackpot gaming. 

In addition to prompt payouts, you want exceptional customer service that makes the experience perfect. 

Lovers of online igaming and other popular games like Lucky Hari Hari, Monkey King game, etc., will be on their way to Cuci duit.

Some of the best software providers you’ll find on this platform include Pussy888, SCR888, Lucky365, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Mega888, and King Maker.

4D and 6D lottery Game

ATAS also offers 4D and 6D lottery betting for players’ thrills by partnering with providers like Damacai, TOTO, and Magnus 4D. These offer players the opportunity to win big.

More reasons to choose ATAS Game

Beyond the concrete assurance of security gamblers get on ATAS games, the platform also offers incredible gaming perks. 

For instance, players enjoy high RTP (up to 97%), a smooth sportbook, a 200% welcome bonus, free spin, free credit, etc. for more about ATAS sportsbook click here 

The platform also offers a daily reload bonus for some games, allowing players to earn more money.


While the ATAS game may not be legal in Malaysia, it’s legal globally and has invested heavily in being a solid and reliable provider of mega spin and excitement. 

Players can expect complete fairness and transparency with the infrastructure put in place by ATAS game, like the modern RNG.

So, if you’re looking for the safest and most trusted online igaming in Malaysia with no deposit, ATAS is your best choice. 

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