Where Can I Find An Affordable Pure Pearl Ring Online?

Diamonds might have dominated society for quite a long time because of their monetary value. However, as people shift towards more affordable choices, new options like pearl and moissanite are becoming more popular among youngsters. 

Young couples are more inclined to choose vintage pearl rings to commemorate their engagement or wedding. However, the surge in demand has also compelled manufacturers to produce cheap copies of the products. Hence, differentiating between a pure pearl ring and a fake product is not a layman’s job. Instead, you need proper expertise and knowledge. 

Then how do you find an authentic product? Do not worry. This article will suggest your one-stop destination for your pure pearl ring. You will also learn the two major types of pearls they offer and how you will benefit from them. Scroll down for more information. 

Different Grades Of Pearls

The disparity between the pure elegance pearl ring is based on the different grades of pearl offered. However, the gradation system differs among pearl variants. A prior understanding of the pearl grading will aid you in comprehending the quality of affordable pearl rings. Let us look at the gradation system for the most common types of pearls. 

  • Freshwater Pearl grading 

Here, the Chinese grading system is used. There are four qualities available – A, AA, AAA, AAAA. The third and fourth are the highest quality. While the last two are identified by 20 -30% surface blemishing. Additionally, looking closely, you will notice that the luster and reflective properties are compromised in the last two grades. 

  • Tahitian Pearl Grading

The grading system here begins with A and ends with D, where A is the highest standard, and D is the last. For instance, A offers a 95% blemish-free surface, and D offers a 40% blemish-free surface. Hence, high-end stores always utilize the A-grade pearl for their pure elegance pearl ring. 

  • Akoya Pearl Grading

This has adapted to the Japanese technique, with four categories – A, AA, AA+, and AAA. The blemish-free surface ranges from 70% to 95%, respectively. 

  • South Sea Pearl Grading

This follows the same as the Tahitian Pearl grading, where there are four categories: A, A/B, C, and D. The last offers the maximum percentage of blemished surface (60%), and the first grade provides the most negligible blemish percentage (5%).

Why Rosec Jewels Should Be Your Shopping Destination For Pure Pearl Rings?

Are you looking for an authentic brand offering affordable pearl engagement rings? Indeed, Rosec Jewels is the best option for you. But why? And why should you believe us? Check out the reasons below. 

  • Best product at the best price

The first thing you decide before purchasing a product is the price, right? Rosec Jewels offers you the freedom to choose any product and then consider the price. They provide the optimum price range for their unique and exquisite products. Hence, you will receive the best product at the most competitive price, rest assured. 

  • Offers an array of options

Whether you want to follow or create your own trend, Rosec Jewels can help you. From trending pieces to unique products, they can offer many choices for celebrating your memorable event. Here, you can avail both real pearl ring gold and Silver. Additionally, you can get multiple variations in a single choice. 

For instance, there are different options for a pure pearl ring in silver based on the prong setting, the band design, the halo, etc. Hence, you will surely get your dream product with Rosec Jewels. 

  • Maintains the industry standards

The price does not affect their quality. Rosec Jewels maintain AAA or equivalent standards throughout. Hence, you do not need to worry about the quality of the gemstones. Additionally, the band metals used also meet the necessary industry standards. 

  • Environment-friendly process

As a responsible citizen, you must consider the manufacturing process of the products offered. Here, Rosec Jewels has maintained sustainability in its procurement and manufacturing process. Hence, they do not harm nature or use cruel means on their employees throughout the process. 

Wrapping Up

It becomes daunting to comprehend the authenticity of a gemstone; hence, it is best to choose stores like Rosec Jewels that simplify the process considerably. Additionally, they offer doorstep delivery for your pure pearl ring online. Thus, choosing Rosec Jewels is the wisest decision for your pearl ring. 

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