What Makes A Flashlight Tactical?

Flashlights are one of the most versatile and helpful tools you can have, whether you are hiking, camping, or just trying to find in a dark side of your home. Anyway, not all flashlights are created equal. In this page, we will explore what makes a flashlight tactical?

Features criteria for a tactical flashlight

For a tactical flashlight to make the cut for police or military use, it would equally need to quality in a range of criteria that are usually overkill for civilian applications.

The features of a best tactical flashlight like Olight Warrior 3S would include the following:


Reliability is key for army-style tactical flashlight. The light needs to be durable and robust and work when it is required, even under less than ideal conditions.

Shock resistance

A tactical torch should be capable to handle being knocked about a big without the odd knock or 2 causing the light to give out and prevent working.

Water resistance

Bad weather conditions are going to stop our military forces from doing their work, and neither should it stop their flashlights. A tactical torch should, at the very least, be water-resistant to save it from falling in damp situations.

Push button tactical switch

When you need light in a very hurry, you cannot be struggle around in the dark trying to find the switch on your torch. The tactical push button on the rear or the torch makes it simple to find, even in remote darkness.

Lightweight constructions

With all the gear out police and troops get to carry, cutting the weight down wherever easy helps to get the work done more effectively.

Light mode selection

The torch needs to be versatile in offering various lighting modes for different applications in different tactical conditions.

Flexible power options

There is nothing bad than running out of battery on your torch when you need it be operational. The power solution for the tactical torch needs to be such that a replacement source can simply be carried for the operation or mission as a backup.

Bright light

Essentially lumens are a measure of how glowing the light is that the flashlight gives off. For police and army use, bright light is helpful to completely illuminate the target area as well as to temporarily blend the enemy or possible suspects.

Uses of tactical flashlights


Tactical flashlights are used by police or military personnel in combat and training scenarios. They can be used to glow enemy positions, navigate in low-light, signal other solders, and no-light conditions.

Law enforcement

Tactical torches are generally used by law enforcement personnel such as detectives, police officers, and security guards. They can be used to glow dark areas, identify suspects, and give a non-lethal force option.


The ridged or serrated bezel around the head of a tactical torch can be used as a striking tool in self-defense conditions. The bright beam of light can also be used to temporarily blind an attacker and make a chance to escape.

Outdoor lovers

Tactical torches are famous among campers, hikers and hunters as they can provide a bright and reliable light source in rugged or remote atmosphere.

Emergency preparedness

Tactical flashlights are vital part of any emergency preparedness kit. They can be used for illuminate the dark areas, signal for help, natural disasters, or power outages and give a reliable source in emergency conditions.

Construction and industries

Tactical flashlights are generally used in construction and industrial settings where are durable and bright light source is needed. They can be used to check machinery, illuminate work areas, and give a reliable light source in risky environments.

Starting a fire with a flashlight

This can be performed in a few different ways. The primary one is only for survival condition as it involves breaking the light bulb. This should be done carefully as it is just the outer glass that you want to break, not the inside filament. If your filament is intact, you can use a little bit of tinder in the top of the light around the filament and start the light on.

The second technique is to use the protecting glass lens from the camp of the torch to magnify the sun during daylight onto tinder. The third technique is one that only accessible to some tactical flashlights that have highly focused lumens. If this is shone onto tinder it can burn a flammable material.

As a utility tool

One of the design features of a tactical torch is to be durable and powerful. Many of the current brands of tactical flashlights that have versions are used in military industries and law enforcement.


Tactical flashlights can some in little, convenient sizes to carry in your backpack, handbag, or just in your pocket. This means that if you ever find yourself walking home on your own at night and you feel like might be in risk, or just in an area that feels risky to you, you can walk with the tactical flashlight in your hands and your path gets too dark, you can light it up a quite simply.

Not only does this help with safety against potential thieves or attackers, but it also helps in ensuring that you can walk on a path and know that each step you take would not be an invisible hole or ankle roll that you would have seen had it been lit up.


What should I look for in a tactical flashlight?

While looking for a best tactical flashlight, consider the following factors:

  • Water and drop resistant
  • Brighter is best
  • Ease of access to most required modes such as turbo.
  • Right size and feel for confident and smoother usage
  • Any secondary outputs for extra versatility

Why does tactical flashlight get hot?

Overheating is very normal for your flashlights, mainly when its working in turbo mode. The high level power use causes it to get warm. Turbo modes commands LED luminous elements to convert more power to visible light, hence the heat.

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