Try These Boys Haircuts to Transform the Looks of Your Boy

These days kids, especially boys, are very fond of faded boys haircuts which are not just popular among adults. These haircuts, fortunately, have the ability to transform the look of your boy completely.

We scoured the internet and found some of the boy’s hairstyles you should try for your boy. The most common boys haircuts are listed in the guide below.

  1. A high Fade with a mohawk 

This hairstyle is characterized by clean shaved lines that gives it contrast. The stylist chooses a high fade as it is easier to style a high fade when you choose a mohawk. It’s ideal for the active little gents who are looking for a low-maintenance mohawk hairstyle.

  1. Low Texture Fade

Low-fade boys haircuts taper progressively from the earlobes and neck to the top of the eyes. They have tidy sides and backs and a top with excellent texture. To be ready for anything, just apply some product to your manes in the morning.

  1. High Fade Haircut for Small Boys

If your boy needs boys’ haircuts that will give him a definitive contrast between the top and the sides, then this is the right hairstyle to choose. The top of the style is completely customizable, while the bottom requires very little upkeep.

  1. Short Fade Haircut

This haircut is a great choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, fuss-free, and cozy hairstyle for your child. The playful hairstyle above creates a striking contrast with the fading skin on each side of their head.

  1. The Chic Mohawk Fade

Is your young man in need of a new boys haircut? This one features a faded, intricately styled hairstyle topped off with a bold mohawk. While blue is a great color to add excitement, other colors are also very effective. 6. A side-swept fade. A side-swept haircut is a classic for men, but this fade style gives it a modern, eccentric twist for a unique look.

  1. Cut Short Fade

Recent years have seen a huge increase in the popularity of the quiff, which emphasizes your hairs length, volume and character. As it gradually tapers off at the base of the head, this style provides a dramatic visual contrast when paired with the height of the hairstyle.

  1. The Fade with Side Parts

The key to this kids’ hairstyle is volume, especially if your hair is elongated. With the side parting, your boy can benefit from the best of both worlds in terms of length and convenience. The sides are kept incredibly short by using a high fade technique.

  1. The High-Fade Curl Style

With a chic shaved line separating the top and bottom of the boys haircuts this high fade style allows your boy’s curls to pop in a way that’s manageable.

  1. A Crisp Sharply Cut Style

Thanks to the cut line, there’s a clear contrast between the long and short sections of this hairstyle. The top is chopped into a stylish short mohawk, while the back has a textured volume that tapers off gradually. This style is ideal for carefree styling and warm weather because the sides are kept short.

  1. The High Fade Combined with The Long Curls

Properly styling curly hair can result in unruly and messy hair. This boy’s high fade hairstyle addresses this problem by keeping the sides and back short and highlighting the longer curls on top.

  1. Slightly Swept-Back and Faded

This swept-back faded hairstyle works incredibly well on boys with thick hair. The top is easy to style and has lots of volume and texture. It is very tidy and low-maintenance; the back and sides need little upkeep.

  1. The Slicker with a Clean Fade

Slicking longer hair to the back on top creates a slicker fade hairstyle that is very tall and voluminous. It also has a playful shaved line and sides with a long fade cut.

  1. The Pointy Edge

Sharp edges, well-cut and clean lines, and clearly distinct shapes on the sides and back characterize this straightforward design. In addition to looking really put together, the mid-length quiff on top gives guys a cheeky touch.

  1. The Comb Over High Fade

Despite their longevity, comb overs remain fantastic boys haircuts as well as for men of any age. With a shaved clean line on either side and treamed sides for an East Asian aesthetic, this is a contemporary take on the classic comb-over.

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