Top 4 Places for Chocolate Making and Tasting in Bali

When we think of the Bali Tour, we often think of some amazing attractions like Ubud temples, lush greenery, and some popular beaches such as Padang – Padang Beach in Bali. And when we think of Balinese food, we probably imagine spicy and traditional dishes, mostly no-veg dishes. But did you know that Bali also has a growing chocolate industry? The good news for chocolate lovers is that many Balinese chocolate factories offer Bali chocolate tasting tours and hands-on chocolate-making experiences. 

We’ve explored many of Bali’s top chocolate making places and you should also visit to try these Indonesian treats. For anyone with a sweet tooth, these experiences are a must when visiting Bali.

Does Cocoa Grow in Bali

Well, actually not. Cocoa does not naturally grow in Bali. The island’s climate and soil conditions are more suited to other agricultural products like rice, coffee, and spices. 

Cocoa cultivation requires specific tropical conditions with consistent rainfall, high humidity, and well-drained soil, typically found in regions closer to the equator. 

While Indonesia is one of the world’s largest cocoa producers, most of the country’s cocoa farms are located on the islands of Sulawesi and Sumatra. 

As Bali is the major tourist site of Indonesia, cocoa is generally sourced here from other parts. But then, the further process of making chocolate from cocoa is done in Bali

Top Places Bali Chocolate Tasting

1. Junglegold Chocolate Factory, Ubud

Junglegold is not only one of the best chocolate makers in Bali, but it’s also the world’s first fully plant-based chocolate factory.

Located in Ubud, this factory uses a unique blend of coconut, cashew milk, and cocoa butter to make delicious, creamy chocolate that is healthier and more sustainable than other dairy-based chocolate.

Once you visit this place and try their chocolates, it’s literally difficult to say that these don’t contain any dairy products. 

They make chocolates of almost every flavor like orange, dark chocolate, nuts chocolate, and others.

This large factory has a cafe and shop on-site where you can taste their chocolate varieties for free.

And they also offer their factory tour at a really reasonable price and offer a fun agrotourism experience. 

You can explore the chocolate factory and learn how chocolate is made in Bali.

2. Desa Cokolat Bali (CAU), Central Bali

When we talk about Bali Chocolate making and tasting then Desa Cokolat Bali is another must-visit place.

It is an agrotourism center located in central Bali, between Denpasar and Bedugul. 

The Chocolate Village has cacao plantations, a working chocolate factory, a restaurant, a spacious garden, a chocolate shop, and a gallery.

They also offer educational sessions to make visitors learn about local chocolate production, mold their own chocolate bar, or make fresh hot chocolate. 

Even if you skip the educational sessions, Desa Cokolat Bali is still a great place for Bali chocolate tasting.

The restaurant at the center is open to everyone. It serves regular dishes as well as many chocolate desserts and drinks.

If you’re a chocolate lover then this place is surely a must-visit to try some delicious chocolates.

3. Krakakoa Chocolate Cafe and Factory, Seminyak

Krakakoa Chocolate is a well-known chocolate producer in Indonesia. Although their main factory is not in Bali, they have a modern cafe and tasting center in Seminyak.

The cafe is spacious and has a small factory where visitors can watch chocolate being made through the windows. 

While there, you can enjoy their delicious homemade chocolates and chocolate-based desserts. 

They offer unique chocolate cakes and other frozen and hot chocolate drinks.

The store also features a “Make Your Own Chocolate” station. Here, you can create your own chocolate bar with various fillings and toppings.

For a more in-depth experience, Krakakoa offers a two-hour chocolate workshop twice a day. The workshop includes a complete chocolate education, a tasting session, and a hands-on chocolate-making class.

4. Cacoa Land Bali, Central Bali

Cacao Land Bali is among the best places to visit for Bali chocolate tasting. It is a place where visitors can learn about chocolate and support Balinese cacao.

At Cacao Land, you can enjoy fun and educational sessions about how chocolate is made, starting with the cocoa bean and ending with the chocolate bar. 

The center often hosts local school groups, but families can also arrange guided tours and chocolate-making classes.

After the session, you should also visit their on-site cafe to try some delicious chocolate desserts. 

While Cacao Land makes its own chocolate, its big store sells a wide variety of chocolates and chocolate products from all over the island. 


For chocolate lovers, these places are a must-visit, not only to try some amazing chocolate desserts but also to understand how these chocolates are made so that you can also make them at your home easily. If you are visiting Bali, then spend a day exploring these chocolate hubs which you’ll surely love.

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