Switch Your ARK Dedicated Server to Scorched Earth in UAE


Are you a fan of multiplayer games? Do you like high-quality graphics and smooth action while playing your favorite game? We are pleased to inform you that you have arrived at the best place to get thorough information about ARK, scorched Earth, and its server hosting combination. And how Dedicated Server in UAE will help you to upgrade your gaming experience with Scorched Earth. This article will take you on a fun ride to the world of multiplayer games and how you can shift from ARK to scorched earth format. You will also get insights about the best provider for your dedicated server in the UAE. 

How Does a Dedicated Server in UAE Support the ARK Multiplayer Game? 

A dedicated server in UAE immensely supports high-end multiplayer games like ARK. The variety of features offered by this hosting solution is very helpful in the smooth operation of this multiplayer game. 

Large Storage Capacity

Games like ARK require significant storage space to store game files, player data, and world information. A UAE-dedicated server can provide ample storage capacity to accommodate these requirements, ensuring that there is enough room to store all game-related data without running into storage limitations.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is crucial for ensuring smooth gameplay, especially in multiplayer environments where multiple players are interacting simultaneously. A single-tenant server with sufficient RAM can handle the processing demands of the game.

Bandwidth for Data Storage and Transmission

Bandwidth is important for smooth data storage and transmission between players and the server. A dedicated server hosting in Dubai, UAE typically offers high-speed and reliable bandwidth, ensuring fast data transfers and minimal latency during gameplay. 

Room for Customization

Single-tenant servers offer flexibility and room for customization, allowing server administrators to configure the server settings and parameters according to the specific requirements of the ARK game. This includes adjusting game settings, installing mods or customizations, and implementing security measures to enhance the gaming experience for players.

What is the Need to Switch ARK Dedicated Server in UAE to Scorched Earth?

Scorched Earth is an entirely different map for the ARK multiplayer game. It consists of desert graphics, which are very premium in nature. Many players want this kind of map for their gaming sessions. Scorched Earth is the expansion of ARK that has next-level challenges. You get a diverse desert-themed environment with unique challenges when you switch from an ARK-dedicated server in the UAE to Scorched Earth. The expansion introduces new creatures, resources, and environmental hazards, expanding the content available in ARK: Survival Evolved and injecting new excitement into the server. 

Steps to Switch ARK UAE Dedicated Server to Scorched Earth 

Now that you are convinced to shift to scorched Earth, you need a proper list of steps in the perfect hierarchy to get the best results.

Purchase Scorched Earth DLC

Go to a legit platform like Xbox or Steam to get Scorched Earth DLC.

Create New World

Access configuration on your dedicated server in UAE and select “New World.” Under the given map list you need to opt for Scorched Earth. 

Back Up Existing World

UAE dedicated server offers ample storage and RAM. You can easily backup your current world files to a separate location for emergency use. 

Upload Scorched Earth Files

Upload Scorched Earth world files to your server using FTP or host a service control panel.

Configure Server Settings

Now you need to tweak the server settings to comfortably run Scorched Earth on your single-tenant server. The settings will swing among difficulty level, player data, and so on. 

Notify Players

This is an important step as you need to make your existing players aware of the change. 

Get Serverwala’s Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting in Dubai, UAE

We know you have already spent a good amount of money on your ARK game and Scorched Earth map. Although you cannot bring down the cost of the game and map, you can opt for an affordable dedicated server in UAE. Serverwala Cloud Data Centers is a great choice when it comes to cheap dedicated server hosting in Dubai, UAE. Their most basic plan starts from just $350 a month. This package gives you enough SSD and RAM to support your gaming session. You can go even further up if there is a need to upgrade your resources. With Serverwala, you can get RAM as large as 32 GB with a 20 core CPU. Moreover, their supportive technical team will be available round the clock to manage any error relating to your server. 

A Quick Review

Transitioning your ARK dedicated server in the UAE to Scorched Earth can offer a thrilling new gaming experience for players seeking fresh challenges and environments. Scorched Earth introduces a diverse desert-themed map with unique creatures, resources, and hazards, expanding the content available in ARK: Survival Evolved. By following the outlined steps, including purchasing the Scorched Earth DLC, creating a new world, backing up existing files, and configuring server settings, you can seamlessly switch to Scorched Earth and provide your players with an exciting gaming adventure. Additionally, choosing a reliable and affordable dedicated server hosting provider like Serverwala Cloud Data Center Pvt. Ltd. ensures smooth gameplay and support for your gaming sessions, offering ample resources at competitive prices.

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