Spring’s Top 10 Virtual Office Backgrounds

The changing of seasons is a great reason to update your office background. Switching things up can boost your morale and help you personalize your Zoom image. This spring, consider changing your background to one of these top 10 graphics.

1. Berlin

The bright white walls of the Berlin background make it seem like you’re in a space full of light. The black bookshelf and gray curtains create a frame that directs attention to you, while the blue and green pillows add pops of color that make the room feel real.

2. Brooklyn

The combination of exposed brick and hardwood floors gives the Brooklyn background a casual, welcoming feel. Large windows allow natural light to fill the room, creating an energetic atmosphere.

3. Tokyo

The Tokyo image is minimalist, making it a good choice if you want to eliminate distractions. The predominately white color palette is clean and professional; the green plant adds a touch of life and draws the eye.

4. Sydney

This graphic provides a view of the Sydney skyline through the wall-to-wall windows. The bright white walls and floors create a crisp visual, while the colorful rug gives the image personality.

5. Seoul

The Seoul office background features lots of natural light, making it an excellent choice for spring. The bright windows contrast the slate gray walls, creating a visual that’s interesting to the eye without being distracting. The wood furniture offers a natural touch that makes the scene welcoming and implies a sustainable mindset.

6. Rotterdam

The Rotterdam background prominently features a view of a waterside cityscape on the right-hand side. The deep blue and touches of green contrast well with the monochrome office interior, providing an interesting visual for your audience.

7. Oslo

Spring is the perfect opportunity to showcase greenery in your Microsoft Teams background. Oslo features several plants:

  • Draped vines
  • Potted plants
  • Bookshelf/trellis plants

The result is a comfy space resembling a reading nook. There’s even an overstuffed chair perfect for curling up with a good book.

8. Milan

The bright colors of the Milan background make it perfect for spring. In addition to the sunshine-yellow couch and sage-green paint, the graphic features several potted plants to liven up the space. The wispy white curtains add a delicate touch to the scene, making it feel lived-in.

9. Malibu

Malibu’s deep blue walls provide a conservative background that provides interesting color. The off-white and blush-pink furniture creates a pleasing contrast without clashing. The sizeable standing plant on the right offers a vibrant green that ties the image together.

10. Dubai

If you want a warm, afternoon-coded background image, Dubai is the perfect choice. The natural wood accents and colorful pillows make it look like a comfortable waiting room. The green plants add a natural touch to the scene, invoking the feeling of spring and new growth.

Now that you know your options, why stick with just one office background this spring? You can update your Zoom background as often as you like, so choose all the images that speak to you.

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