Implication in Law for Citizenship, Immigration, and Emigration

If you are considering obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, this article about – Turkish immigration lawyer created in Turkey is just for you. Within this instrument, we will briefly explain to the client’s nominees how they receive Turkish citizenship through exceptional actions. Generally speaking, nationality law is a legal domain that deals with problems about change, consent, nationality and citizenship.

Our Turkish Citizenship acquisition rules are generally stipulated under the 5901 numbered Turkish Citizenship Code. Any immigrant who wants to be entitled to Turkish citizenship needs to be above eighteen years of age, must be judicially and mentally fit, has to reside in Turkey for five years before applying, should not have a contagious disease, should be a person with good moral character, should be able to speak Turkish at a sufficient level, should be financially able to maintain oneself. This term implies that foreigners who settle here to be Turkish citizens must satisfy the relevant law’s terms and conditions. In acquiring citizenship from Turkey, foreigners can stay up to 5 years in Turkey, which is required to be out of Turkey provided that the cumulative total period out of Turkey is at most 12 months. International processes outside Turkey are reviewed to be finalized within the period specified by the law.

According to the Turkish Citizenship Law, it is allowed to become a Turkish citizen through marriage and adoption. We want to specify that getting Turkish citizenship shall not be by a mere medallion from a Turkish spouse. Like the above, an alien can also apply for Turkish citizenship if they successfully continue the marriage with the Turkish citizen for at least three years and meet the stipulations stipulated by the law.

While, in other ways, it is possible to acquire Turkısh citizenship through some exceptional circumstances as well. Excluding these examples of the outstanding states invited regulation of the mentioned Article 12/5901 numerus clausus. Been obtained residence permit in terms of 1/j subsection of Article 31 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458 and their spouses and children; about whom the relevant ministries have made a reasoned offer; foreigners who contributed to industrial plants in Turkey or rendered or will render in the future outstanding services in the scientific, technological, economic, social, sporting, and cultural sphere.

Article 31/1-j of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection Code numbered 6458 determines the amounts to be invested and the contexts within which they shall be invested to be granted a temporary residence permit for those who do not intend to work in Turkey. Introducing the foreign investors, who became the owners of real estate that have become part of the residence permit process, their spouses and dependent children can be called to become Turkish citizens as per 5901 numbered Article 12.

Investors who will make an investment in Turkey within the scope and amounts announced by the President can rarely gain Turkish citizenship. Cases in which Turkish citizenship can be acquired exceptionally through investment as per 13 May 2022 dated 5554 numbered Presidential Decree, Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law Numbered 5901 has been amended as follows:

  • Investors from abroad who engage in fixed capital ventures with USD 500. The licensed legal entity can be paid 0 USD or equivalent foreign currency, or Turkish Liras, as determined by the Ministry of Industry and Technology (Article 20/2-a).
  • Those who invest in residential property priced over USD 300.00 are attributed to the governmental venture’s Absentee’Owner’. 0 or an Owner’alent of foreign currency (or equivalent of the amount of Turkish Liras) with the title deed restriction on the resale of the property for no less than three years (according to Article 20/2-b of the regulation on operations of the Housing Development Administration) is considered for the benefits of the low-middle income groups (Article 20/2-a
  • Foreigners who create employment for more than 50 natural persons as decided by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Settlement (Paragraph 20/2c).
  • Foreigners with a deposit of a minimum of USD 500. a) A fixed dollar amount in banks operating in Turkey is equal to the 000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira; the amount will not be withdrawn within three years, as determined by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.
  • Investors from abroad who acquire treasury bonds or any other types of government loan instruments in at least USD 500,000 or its’ equivalent value either in Turkish Lira or in foreign currency and maintain their conditions over three years yet under the control of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance (Article 20/2-d),
  • Foreigners became partners of the real estate fund with one fund share of the minimum amount of USD 500. In the case of a non-resident investor holding 30,000 US dollars or preferred foreign currency or Turkish Lira is required to keep this in reserve for three years, which duration emanated from the capital markets board of Turkey (Article/20-e)
  • Foreign capital supported with at least $500,000 in foreign currency assumes an investment in the private pension system, given that the investor is supposed to remain in the system maintained by the Institution and Private Pensions Regulation and Supervision Agency for at least three years (Article/20-f).

Foreigners may also qualify for Turkish citizenship through investment. In this case, foreigners who want to get Turkish citizenship by investment must obtain a certification of conformity, proving that their investment fulfils the stipulations highlighted in the law. The national authority issuing the foreigner a certificate of conformity based on the investigation’s peculiarities depends on the manner of investment to be utilized.

For the confirmation of all the above mentioned points, and how they can work on, you can contact our special team of Immgration Lawyer in Turkey who will guide you step-by-step.

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