Hearing Loss Treatment Options – Hearing Aids or Implants – Which is Right for You?

Hearing loss affects auditory abilities, communication, and social interaction patterns. The treatment is quite simple. Either you have to remove the earwax or use a hearing aid. However, there are also complicated situations where surgery or cochlear implants are required.

  • Is hearing loss curable?

Yes, hearing loss is curable based on the cause and type of hearing loss. It can be cured in cases of conductive hearing loss, which occurs if excessive earwax or fluid accumulates in the ear. There is other hearing loss, which is likely permanent, such as sensorineural hearing loss, which creates a problem with the cochlear or auditory nerve. 

  • Treatment

The treatment is prescribed based on the type and severity of hearing loss. It can be either using a hearing aid or surgical implants:

  • Hearing Aid

Hearing aids amplify sound; if you have permanent hearing loss, this can be a solution. They are worn behind the ear or inside the outer ear canal. A healthcare provider or an audiologist would provide you with a hearing aid after a complete evaluation of your hearing capability. The appropriate device is mentioned based on the damage and mild to moderate hearing loss. These devices come in many styles; some even have Bluetooth features with improved functionality. 

  • Hearing implants

In case of conductive hearing loss, surgery or implants are conducted. If the fluid is in the ear, the surgeon will implant a ventilation tube in the auditory tube, which would help drain the excess liquid. Also, abnormal bone growth inside the ears and osteoporosis damage the tiny bones in the ear. This bone is removed so that you can hear clearly. In case acoustic neuroma surgery is done to remove the excess growth in the ear, which impairs the hearing ability. The most common surgical procedure to treat hearing loss is installing cochlear implants, small devices stimulating the ear. They are already meant for individuals having sensorineural hearing loss. 

  • Prevention 

Some types of hearing loss can be prevented, so you must avoid the situations that can lead to hearing loss. The most common is sound-induced. A sound reaching 85 decibels or more can damage your ear. Certain activities can also expose you to decibels of sound, leading to hearing loss, such as going to movies regularly, target shooting, using your headphones at maximum volume, using power tools, etc. The louder the noise and the longer you are exposed to it, the more likely you will have noise-induced hearing loss. 

Summing it up

There are multiple factors on which the treatment for hearing loss depends, and each one is unique for every circumstance. So, you need to develop a treatment plan with your audiologist at https://earnosethroat.com.sg/hearing-loss-treatment-singapore/, which would cover all the necessities that suit you and based on either hearing aid or implants will be covered. Also, to ensure safety measures, you must not try to remove your wax using over-the-counter removal drops or any stick or foreign object.

With time, new methods are being invented. If you or your loved one is suffering from a hearing problem, without delay, you should immediately check with an ENT. Hearing problems are easily curable, and with modern inventions, you can quickly get back on track with life.

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