50+ Good Morning Dua 2024: A1 Prayers to Begin Your Day Strong

Taking time in the good morning dua to connect with Allah through dua, or supplication, is one of the best ways to begin each day with purpose and gratitude. As your eyes open and you emerge from sleep, turn your thoughts to the One who gave you another day of life. Starting with these short morning duas, you can set an intention to live this day for the sake of Allah and ask for his guidance, mercy, and blessings. Whether you have a busy day ahead full of work or school commitments or a more open schedule, spending just a few minutes reconnecting with your purpose and strengthening your faith can help shift your mindset to one of positivity, patience, and peace. With the help of Allah, this day is filled with potential. May these morning duas inspire you to unlock the very best within you today and always.

Good Morning Dua

The Importance Of Good Morning Dua

Starting your day with remembrance of Allah sets the right mindset. Even reciting a short dua, like:

“Making my fresh good morning & good evening little lights brightly shine” can make a huge more difference. Begin each day expressing gratitude for another chance to follow the straight path. Ask Allah to guide your thoughts, words and deeds. Seek refuge from Shaitan’s whispers and tricks. Renew your intention to please your Creator in all you do.

A morning dua helps cement your purpose and direction. Let it be your compass, keeping you headed to Jannah throughout the day. Make this simple habit a priority and the effects will ripple through how you live each moment.


1 Good Morning Dua
2 Good Morning Dua
3 Good Morning Dua
4 Good Morning Dua
5 Good Morning Dua
6 Good Morning Dua
7 Good Morning Dua
8 Good Morning Dua
9 Good Morning Dua
10 Good Morning Dua
11 Good Morning Dua
12 Good Morning Dua
13 Good Morning Dua
14 Good Morning Dua
15 Good Morning Dua
16 Good Morning Dua
17 Good Morning Dua
18 Good Morning Dua
19 Good Morning Dua
20 Good Morning Dua
21 Good Morning Dua
22 Good Morning Dua
23 Good Morning Dua
24 Good Morning Dua
25 Good Morning Dua

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Good Morning Dua In Urdu

When the sun peeks through your window, start your day off right by reciting this short dua:

Rabbi inni as’aluka khaira ma fi hadhihil yaum, wa khaira ma ba’dahu, wa a’udhu bika min sharri ma fi hadhihil yaum, wa sharri ma ba’dahu.

O Allah, I ask for the good day & the good of what comes after it & protect me from the evil of this day & the evil that comes after it.

Transliterated, it goes:

Rabbi inni as’aluka khaira ma fi hadhihil yaum, wa khaira ma ba’dahu, wa a’udhu bika min sharri ma fi hadhihil yaum, wa sharri ma ba’dahu.

Reciting this dua in the morning helps set positive intentions for your day while seeking protection from harm. With just a few short lines, you’ll begin each morning with gratitude and peace of mind.

Good Morning Dua In Urdu 2022

Recite this dua each morning to start your day off right:

  • SubhanAllah wa bihamdihi. Astaghfirullah wa atubu ilayhi.
  • (-) Praise and glorify Allah, and thank Him for His blessings.
  • (-) Ask Allah for forgiveness of your sins and repent to Him.

This short but powerful dua covers praising Allah, being grateful for His blessings, asking for forgiveness of sins, and repenting to Him. What a perfect way to begin each day focused on your Creator and your purpose.

Good Morning Dua In English

O Allah, we enter this morning with gratitude for Your blessings. Grant us the strength to live this day with faith, patience, and excellence. Give us with freedom &  guidance in all our affairs. Protect us from harm & bless us with Your mercy & forgiveness.

Good Morning Dua In Urdu 2023

As the sun peeks through your window, welcome the new day with words of remembrance and gratitude. Whisper this quick morning dua to start your day off right:

Dua for morning

Ya Allah, as I wake from my sleep, I am thankful for another day to live, love and learn. Grant me strength, wisdom and courage for all that is before me today. Open my heart to Your guidance, that I may walk in Your light.

Morning Dua

Start your day with remembrance of Allah (swt) by reciting these duas:

  • “Thank you mighty Allah, for the special day. Thank You, Allah, we have reached a peaceful evening. It is by Your permission that we live and die, and our ultimate return is to You.”

Reciting these short duas helps to give you the right mindset and focus to begin your day strong, reminding you of your purpose and dependence on Allah (swt). Make it a habit to recite them daily and watch how it transforms your days.

Morning Dua in Urdu

Subah ka waqt aik ahmiyat pura waqt hai. Is waqt dua karna chahiye. Yeh dua aap ki roz marra ke liye behtareen tariqa hai.

Allah se apni salamti, kamyabi aur khushion ke liye darkhwast karein.

Subha Bakhair Good Morning Dua

As the sun peeks over the horizon, greet the new day with gratitude and hope. Say the Good Morning Dua, “Subha Bakhair” – meaning “good morning” in Arabic. This simple prayer sets the right to start your day strong & focused.

Good Morning Dua In Hindi

Aapki subah shuruwat achi duaon se kijiye. Uthte hi Allah ke naam se kahein:

‘Assalamu alaikum. Allahumma lakal-hamd, anta noorus-samaawaati wal-ard wa man fihinna, wa lakal-hamd. Laa ilaaha illaa Anta, subhaanaka, inni kuntu minaz-zaalimeen (wa minaz-zaalimiina).’

FAQs: About Good Morning Dua

Q: What time of day should I recite the morning dua?

Ans: As early as possible after waking up. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recommended reading the morning duas before sunrise.

Q: How many morning duas should I read?

Ans: You can read always as more as you like! Some of the most well-known morning duas include:

  1. Al-Fajr (89:27-30)
  2. Al-Imran (3:191-194)
  3. Al-Falaq (113)
  4. An-Nas (114)

Q: Do I have to read morning duas in Arabic?

Ans: No, you can recite the morning duas in any language you understand and connect with. While the original duas were revealed in Arabic, reading translations in your native tongue is perfectly acceptable.

Q: Do morning duas have to be read out loud?

Ans: Reciting the morning duas out loud is recommended but not required. You can read them silently if needed. The most important part is reflecting on their meaning & beginning your day with a grateful heart.

Q: What are the benefits of morning duas?

Ans: Morning duas help connect you with Allah, seek His protection and blessings, express gratitude for another day, and set the right mindset and intentions for the day ahead. They bring peace of guidance & nourishment for the soul.

Conclusion: About Good Morning Dua

100 powerful good morning dua to start your day off right. Connecting with Allah first thing in the morning can set the tone for the rest of your day and bring you peace and clarity. Make it a habit to recite a few duas on every morning & see how it transforms your life. May Allah accept all your duas and bless you with happiness, success, and prosperity in this life and the hereafter. Now go ahead and seize the day – you’ve got this! With Allah by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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