Fit a Smile Checkup Into Your Busy Schedule: New Patient Offers at  Swish Dentist open now

It is important to take care of your mouth because the health of your mouth hugely influences the overall state of your health. Periodic dental checkups and cleanings are the key to healthy teeth as well as they can help to avoid more serious problems such as dental caries, periodontal disease, and many more. Nevertheless, scheduling dental appointments is not always easy dentist open now , especially when you are a new patient.

The fact that our customers can schedule their appointments according to their time and budget is the reason why at Swish Dental we know the value of convenience and affordability dentist open now. Thus, we want to make those implant services accessible for everyone by introducing for new patients amazing initial deals that will make it simpler for you to get your oral health properly treated.

New Patient Specials: There is a Bright Smile that Starts Here

Whether you’re an adult looking for a new dentist or seeking quality dental care for your children, we have a special offer to fit your needs: Whether you’re an adult looking for a new dentist or seeking quality dental care for your children, we have a special offer to fit your needs:

Adults: Again, the deal is open only for a limited period, and by now healthcare providers are ready to deliver a thorough examination complete with cleaning to newly visited adults for the low price of $199 (which otherwise would be more).

Kids Under 17: We are excited to give a $149 special rate for new child patients under 17. It would be our effort to make the first dental experience for the child a good, pleasant, and satisfying one.

Kids Under 12: For our youngest group of patients (less than 12 years old), we have a great deal – a checkup, cleaning, and fluoride treatment for only $109 (originally, it was $395).

These promotional offers give us a fantastic chance to get acquainted with the quality dental service provided at  Swish Dental without an unaffordable payment.

The most important thing in insurance is that all people do not pay the same amount in the premia (Insurance Companies use different criteria like age, gender, occupation, and policy size).

Besides, we know that most patients have dental insurance. Although we may not be in-network with all providers, we can help you to grin from ear to ear by increasing your coverage. Patients with dental insurance may be pleased to learn that the gap fee or part of the first visit cost may be covered by our “new patient special”. Our friendly staff will be glad to clear up all your doubts regarding your insurance and explain to you the content of your policy.

First, the First Step Toward a Healthy Smile

Prevent a busy schedule or the cost-effectiveness of your health in the way that you put your oral health first. Striving to place everyone into the category of people who have healthy teeth, we are Swish Dental. Now, through our new patient specials, it is the easiest to book your first appointment.

Now try to experience it yourself. There’s no reason to wait anymore; contact us immediately for more details about our new patient offers and secure an appointment slot. Remember that your healthy smile begins with regular checkups and cleanings. Refrain from settling for substandard care.  Let us help you gain and maintain a healthy oral state for yourself as well as your family dentist open now .

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