Diablo 4 Season 4: Gold Farming Guide

Hi everyone! Season 4 of Diablo 4 has been out for a while now, and one of the most common complaints I hear from players is, “How do I get gold? I’m constantly broke.” I totally get it. After leveling two Rogues to 100 and extensively farming the Pit and Helltides, I’m sitting on around 150 million gold. While that might sound like a lot, it quickly dwindles when you start Masterworking your gear. The gold costs for upgrading items are substantial, so it’s essential to maximize your gold income.

Understanding Gold Costs

Masterworking items in Diablo 4 can be extremely costly. For instance:

  • Upgrading an item to rank 4 costs about 450k gold per attempt, including Diablo 4 materials.
  • Upgrading to rank 8 costs around 2 million gold for each attempt.
  • The final upgrade from rank 11 to 12 can set you back a staggering 10 million gold.

These costs add up quickly, especially considering the number of items you might want to upgrade. It’s crucial to farm gold efficiently to keep up with these expenses.

Efficient Gold Farming Strategies

After extensive testing, I’ve found that the most efficient way to farm gold is through Whispers. Whispers were designed to yield a lot of gold, making them an ideal farming method.

Whisper Caches

Whisper Caches are a reliable source of gold. By focusing on completing Whispers efficiently, you can farm around 1 million gold per minute with a fast build. Here’s how to optimize your Whisper farming:

  1. Prioritize High-Value Whispers: Always go for triple Whispers like Harvest rituals or world bosses that give multiple Whispers at once. These are the most time-efficient.
  2. Combine Objectives: Try to combine Whisper objectives. For example, complete a Harvest while also doing a nearby event to maximize your efficiency.
  3. Avoid Low-Value Whispers: Skip one-Whisper objectives that take too long, such as random events far from your current location.

By following these tips, you can farm about 50-60 million gold per hour, which is sufficient to upgrade a piece of gear close to rank 12.

Smart Masterworking

Given the high costs, it’s essential to be strategic about which items to Masterwork:

  • Incremental Upgrades: Upgrade all your gear to rank 4 first, then move to rank 5, and so on. This balanced approach ensures that you get decent upgrades across all your gear without overspending on any single item.
  • Selective High Ranks: Only push the best items to the highest ranks. For instance, a bow with high rolls on your main stat and other desired attributes might be worth upgrading to rank 8 or higher, while other gear can stay at lower ranks until you find better replacements.

Minimizing Other Gold Expenses

To conserve gold, avoid unnecessary spending on other in-game activities like frequent re-imprinting of aspects. Stick to a versatile build that works across various content types (Helltides, Pit farming, bosses) to reduce the need for constant aspect swaps.

Whisper Farming Tips

Here are some additional tips to optimize your Whisper farming:

  • Skip Dungeons: While dungeons give five Grim Favors, they take too long to complete. Focus on quicker objectives like Harvests and rituals.
  • Combine Routes: Plan routes that allow you to complete multiple Whispers efficiently. For example, combine a Harvest with a nearby event or a corpse objective.
  • Monitor Grim Favors: Pay attention to your Grim Favor counter. Avoid overcapping by completing objectives in an order that minimizes unnecessary trips to the Whispering Tree.

Additional Gold Sources

  • Sell Items: Selling legendary and yellow items to vendors can net significant gold. An inventory full of legendaries can yield 2-3 million gold, while yellow items can add up to around 1 million gold.
  • Trading: If you find high-value items you don’t need, consider trading them for gold. Platforms like the MMOexp Market facilitate item trades and can help you earn gold by selling desirable items or buying Diablo IV gold here.


Farming gold efficiently in Diablo 4 requires a strategic approach, especially with the high costs of Masterworking gear. Focus on high-value Whispers, plan your farming routes efficiently, and be selective about which items you upgrade. By following these tips, you can amass the gold needed to enhance your gear and dominate in Season 4.

I hope this guide helps you with your gold farming in Diablo 4. Good luck with your Season 4 grind, and see you next time!

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