Chinese Jobs in Cambodia – Golden Opportunity for Vietnamese

The demand for Chinese jobs in Cambodia is growing, especially for workers who like to work in a foreign environment. This is a golden opportunity for Vietnamese people, who can receive a fairly large salary and good labor benefits. So what are the most suitable jobs for Vietnamese people working for Chinese companies in Cambodia? What should one be mindful of if wanting to work in those positions?

Why Are Chinese Jobs Popular in Cambodia?

According to OKVIP research, since 2017, China has become the foreign investor with the largest total investment value in Cambodia (considered within the scope of the Asian country). 14.7 billion USD is what the country of a billion people has poured into Cambodia and promoted the rapid development of this country’s economy.

In June 2023, the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) signed a decision approving 113 new projects of Chinese investors in the country, with an estimated value of up to 1.1 billion USD.

For the above reasons, the demand for human resources of Chinese companies in Cambodia is extremely large. Many Cambodians flock to learn Chinese with the hope of finding jobs with good income. Vietnam is a country right next door, so it is not difficult to understand why workers of the S-shaped country want to join this most dynamic labor market.

Job Opportunities for Chinese Speakers in Cambodia

With the handshake between the billion-people country and Cambodia, many jobs in many industries have been created. This will be a golden opportunity for Vietnamese Chinese-speaking workers in 2024

Because most people in Cambodia are still not fluent in Chinese and most are still in the process of learning. Meanwhile, the recruitment needs of Chinese companies are very urgent, which makes the salaries that these companies are willing to offer to workers very high.

The demand for Chinese-speaking workers in Cambodia is very high

Because the border between Vietnam and Cambodia is close together, the entry procedures are extremely easy, so even if workers have to go abroad to work, they do not have to move too much. Especially for workers living in provinces and cities such as Tay Ninh, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.

Challenges and Difficulties

Although it is considered a relatively potential market and is growing rapidly, it is not easy for workers who know Chinese to easily find a job. There are opportunities, but there are also many challenges for workers who know Chinese and want to work in Cambodia.

First, many companies are willing to pay high salaries to invite Chinese workers to work, leading to direct competition with Vietnamese workers.

Second, many Vietnamese workers do not have many job skills other than language (Chinese), leading to the need for training to be able to do the jobs that Chinese companies recruit.

Requirements for Chinese Job Recruitment in Cambodia

To be able to enter the very dynamic market in Cambodia, you need to have the mandatory requirements to be able to survive and develop.

About suitable age

The first requirement we want to send is the suitable age. According to the information we have collected, the golden age that Chinese job recruiters in Cambodia aim for is from 18 to 39 years old. However, there are specific job characteristics, employers will also recruit workers over 30.

Job skills

Regarding skills, depending on the specific nature of the job, they will require different skills. For office jobs, workers need to be proficient in computer skills. For manual jobs, a lot of health is required along with some other skills.

Many Chinese jobs in Cambodia require high professional skills

Foreign language ability

Foreign language is one of the mandatory factors if you want to work in Chinese in Cambodia. The mandatory condition for each worker will be a Chinese certificate HSK3 or HSK4. For some specific job positions, workers also need a third language, mostly English.

What are the Benefits and Salary, Bonuses for Chinese Jobs in Cambodia?

It can be seen that this environment is considered a golden land for those who study Chinese and want to get rich. According to OKVIP’s research, workers will have the opportunity to receive a salary of up to 900 to 3000 dollars depending on the nature of the job. In addition, this place also offers policies such as: exit fees, providing dormitories, living items, etc.

For formal companies, organized according to a professional human resources system, workers will also be granted work permits, pay labor insurance, and organize team building.

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