8 Recipes to Try with Leftover KFC Chicken- Let’s Party Harder

Had you been to that place, you would also not say no to crunchy, crispy, and fried chicken, right? With a journey across 21000 outlets globally, Kentucky Fried Chicken is just a way of saying, let’s have a feast tonight. Moreover, the restaurant particularly caters to a family style menu with so many choices of buckets and combo meals. Particularly, the diversity of the menu is also an example of enhancing bonds through sharing food. But sometimes, we just have an eye on more than a fair share, ending up with excess food that’s hard to eat altogether. So, this leftover food guide is just to inspire you to feast for two days on Kentucky Fried Chicken.

8 Lipsmacking Recipes to Try with the Bits Left in the KFC Bucket

Chicken Soup

If you want to cut out a bit on the regrets of having junk, then soup is the perfect immunity booster. This cosy and simple recipe is ideal for a warm dinner on a cold night. And to try, what can be better than making chicken soup? 

Here is a twist: It’s not just chicken; it’s finger-lickin’ KFC chicken soup. Out of the two doable options, the first is to add chicken during the boiling stage to extract the juices with finesse. The latter step can be to add chicken after. We always suggest the latter because it keeps the chicken crunch alive while making a perfect balance with all the other key ingredients in the soup. 

Wraps and Rolls

Wraps and rolls are the creative way of incorporating KFC chicken in all colours. Make these with the classic ingredients like that in a caesar salad to justify American cuisine. On the other hand, you can still make it all creamy and dreamy with making a wholesome cheesy stuffing to layer in the wrap. Add the chicken at the last stage, because its crunch with all creaminess is what you will enjoy the most. 

Chicken Caesar Salad

Salads and chicken may sound like a bit dangling combination, but not when you make it as a Mexican Caesar salad. The best perk of having this chicken is that you do not have to invest your time in anything on the pan. Just the quick ingredients of lots of lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, and lots of Caesar dressing will do its part. But most importantly, it’s the crispy chicken rolling all over the salad and making you fall in love with your cooking magic. And yes! It’s healthy KFC. 


It’s Burrito time! And you do not have to spend hundreds more to order burritos online. Instead, buy the pack of burrito bread or make your own with flour. Following it is the mouth-watering filling. For instance, drop in the chopped crispy chicken and add layers of homemade burrito spread in it. Particularly, this homemade burrito is made to cater to all kinds of leftovers. So, all the veggies and chicken will do their part when mixed with the flavourful burrito spread. 

Chicken Pasta

Making chicken pasta is just another way of adding a bit more magic to your soul food. Adding leftover chicken to the pasta bowl can enhance the aroma and magic of a wholesome pasta meal.  Make a perfectly Italian pasta recipe incorporating all sorts of exotic veggies, lots of mozzarella, and seasonings of oregano and chilli flakes. But what will master the art of this pasta is the crispy fried chicken from KFC. The blend of tender softness and crunch is worth experiencing. 

Cheesy Pot Pie

Ok, this is interesting! Cheesy pot pie is something that even a novice can make. This easy-to-make yet professional single-pot recipe can be your quick go-to for a celebrating dinner. What you need is a pack of peas, carrots, bell peppers, and your leftover crispy chicken. This single-pot recipe is wholesome enough to fill your stomach with everything nice and spicy. You can even consider small single-serving pots, so there is one for every individual. 

Chicken Pizza

A pizza base is like that blank cloth where you tailor your creativity to everything that you love. This time, the pizza topping is about the crispy KFC chicken, giving a perfect crunch to the tender base. Shop the pizza bread or make your own dough. 

Although the pizza base is a mandate, but everything else is your choice. Like the cheese you prefer and the amount of chicken you want to add, veggies in case you want it, and the seasoning at last. This chicken pizza is all you would crave after a long day.

Chicken Fried Rice

Don’t invest your time in shredding chicken if you already have KFC’s chicken lying in your refrigerator. Chop it finely and cook it just how you would have cooked the veggies to add to the fried rice. The herbs and spices in the chicken is just a superior add-on to the flavours of the fried rice. 

Bottom Line

Are you still scrolling your finger, pointing out the crispy fried chicken you will not be tired of? Don’t worry and order more than usual, because now you can party for more days. These leftover chicken recipes are a healthy addition to compensate for the junk you had the previous day. 

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